Ammouliani is an island at Mount Athos gulf right across Tripiti. It’s the only inhabited island of Halkidiki and it has a surface area of about 4.5 square kilometers. It is located 120 km outside of Thessaloniki. In the past the island was owned by the Monastery of Vatopedi, but, in 1925 it became a hosting space for refugees from Asia Minor. Today the island belongs to the municipality of Aristoteles and has about five hundred permanent citizens; most of them are fishers or owners of tourism businesses. The central temple of Saint Nicolas was built in 1865. In the island there is a preschool facility as well as a middle school building. There also exists a pharmacy, a police station and a cellphone repair store (Cosmote). Every April in Ammouliani, we celebrate Saint George. Some of the island’s surrounding beaches are: Alikes, Saint George and Megali Ammouda. Another land mark of Ammouliani, except the temple and the port, is the classic sample of the architecture in Mount Athos. The island is connected with ferry boats to the coast of Tripiti (120 km away from Thessaloniki) and the distance is about 2 nautical miles.


Municipal district of Ammouliani

With the application of the Kapodistrian plan, Ammouliani has constituted a municipal district with 564 citizents in total during 2001. The settlements that form the municipality are:

  • Ammouliani (island)
  • Drenia (island) not inhabited, it consists of two islands that the locals call “Gaidouronisia” (Donkey Islands).
  • The port
  • Tripiti


Distances in kilometers

Ammouliani is located between Mount Athos and Sithonia. It is about 123 km away from Thessaloniki and is accessible through the sea from Tripiti.

  • Distance from Tripiti: 2 nautical miles.
  • Distance from Thessaloniki: 123 km if you drive through Poligiros, 126 km if you drive through Arnea and 143 km through the Egnatia highway.
  • Distance from Athens: about 625 km.


How can you arrive at Ammouliani

  • The nearest airport in Halkidiki is the airport “Macedonia” that is 15 km away from the center of Thessaloniki (airport’s phone: +30 2310985000).
  • KTEL station in Thessaloniki (A bus transportation service) has frequent itineraries from Thessaloniki to Ammouliani. This service is located 7 km away from the center of Thessaloniki. ( KTEL station in Thessaloniki : +30 2310316555, KTEL station in Arnea : +30 2372022278).
  • The transportation from Tripiti to Ammouliani will be done with Ferry Boats. The distance is about 2 miles and the trip lasts about 15 minutes. ( Ieriso’s Port Authority:+30 2377022666).


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